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Simple yet Totally Effective Tips to Help Your Team Adapt to Coworking Culture

The idea of working in a coworking office can seem like a major change leading to significant disruptions in the way you conduct your business. However, the truth is you won’t even notice the change if you make sure you have a fixed desk in the coworking space.

How can a fixed desk help you cope with the challenges of moving from a conventional office to the coworking culture?

A Simple Experiment

Just try this simple experiment to understand the importance of a fixed desk. Instead of allotting a specific desk to each team member, ask your employees to work on desks assigned at random. Make sure the allocated is complete random. You will quickly notice a sharp fall in your team’s productivity.

Now, setup a hot desk contract with an office space provider and make sure each team member has a fixed desk at all times. You will realize that people work well even after moving from a conventional office to a shared space as long as they have a fixed desk to work on.

The fixed desk will create a sense of familiarity and routine for the worker, which is all it takes for an individual to work efficiently. So, setting up fixed desks for your team will make it easier for them to get used to the coworking culture.

Privacy Tricks

How to tune out fellow workers when one has to focus on the task at hand? Ideally, we all should be able to focus on our work irrespective of the surroundings. However, this is easier said than done.

Well, how about a pair of headphones to tune out the background noise. For those not comfortable with music blaring into their ears can opt for some white noise to simply find something other than their colleagues’ voices to focus on.

A wall facing fixed desk may help employees create a cubicle-like vibe even in an open office. These tricks can help people get used to the coworking culture and take the inevitable distractions in their stride.

Make Work an Experience

How about your entire team biking together to work followed by a quick bath and a hot cup of tea or coffee before starting work? Setting up these amenities will be a lot easier in a coworking space as compared to your office.

Adapting to the coworking culture will become easier if you look beyond the changes and transform your business operations into a fun and exciting experience.

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