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Not Just for Start-Ups: 4 Experienced Professionals who can Benefit from Coworking


Should you seriously consider terminating your rental office contract and start working from a shared workspace in Peckham instead? Make sure you don’t finalise your decision based on misconceptions like shared workspaces are suitable only for start-ups and tech-centric businesses.

Give below are four businesses/professions that can easily shift from conventional rental space to a shared or coworking workspace.


A fixed desk to keep the laptop or smartphone, an ergonomic chair, reliable high-speed Internet connectivity, and basic printing and scanning services – what else does a consultant require to succeed?

Consultancy is all about using one’s experience and expertise to solve problems and help other businesses improve their productivity. Personal interactions can easily be scheduled at the clients’ offices, which means a shared workspace in Peckham or any other area becomes a very smart business decision for consultants.

Back-End Business Process Services

No business can run efficiently without back-end processes like HR and Accounting. Just as coworking is replacing the conventional office setup, businesses are discovering that back-end processes can easily be outsourced to professionals.

Any professional offering services related to such back-end processes can gain a lot by working with a shared workspace Peckham service provider. The task of setting up and maintaining the office will be outsourced to the service provider and the professional can utilise the facilities by simply paying for the hours for which the office was used.

Virtual Assistants

A busy CEO may require a team of assistants to manage his/her day and assist in the various tasks involved in managing a profitable business. Before technology revolutionised the world, all assistants had to necessarily work in the same premises as the CEO.

Today, any hardworking person can become a virtual assistant (VA) to business leaders located across the world. Again, a basic office setup with all essential facilities would be more than enough, which means a coworking space is all that a VA needs.

Legal Professional

Using meeting rooms for consultations and the fixed desk for legal research, drafting, and other professional activities is a perfectly viable option for all legal professionals.

The posh ambience will make a good impression on clients and the functional office space will help the legal professional work with maximum efficiency. Of course, personal storage combined with secure desk storage will ensure confidential information remains private at all times.

Coworking has become so popular so quickly simply because it combines innovation and technology to create the ideal alternative to expensive rented offices.

RedDeskCo's focus is aimed at long term tenants who are interested in creating a secure and trusted office community in which to work and network with other like-minded professionals.

Asylum Road, Peckham

National Rail5 minute walk from Queens Road Peckham Station

Secure Onsite Bike Storage
Free Local Parking

Additional Features

Fully Alarmed


Manned Reception

Superfast WiFi

Colour Printing & Scanning

Lockable Desk Storage

Complimentary Tea & Coffee


We are constantly developing and improving our office space and aim to collaborate with our coworkers to provide the best possible environment, as such we welcome input from long term clients as to which features they would like to see added.

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Prices start at £149 per month.