Hot Desk Peckham

Is a Hot Desk in Peckham right for you?

Finding is a Hot desk in Peckham is getting easier as hot desking is a phenomenon that continues to grow. When asked for an opinion on why, a number of the most innovative spaces that provide hot desks in Peckham sited reasons including, businesses cutting back on costly overheads, the advancement of computing power and technology coupled with the the relative ease of access to these technologies compared to the past. This means companies are now inclined to promote employee flexibility & mobile working. These factors along with the continuing transformation of central London’s business districts into the more financially lucrative, residential and hospitality markets is making people seek out alternative ways to work.

The benefits of a Hot Desk

One of the major benefits of hot desking is the chance to meet new people, potentially building new relationships and network opportunities. It also creates much better avenues of communication and can help you grow your business in ways that you may never have expected. And if you’re in the tech or creative industries, then right now Peckham is the place to be, in part thanks to Eileen Conn.

Hot desks and side hustles

Choosing a hot desk in Peckham could be the perfect way to get your side hustle off the ground and into the stratosphere. Because of the nature of a side hustle, and the ad hoc working hours they inhabit, those who aren’t quite ready to quit their day job yet, could choose the flexible and low cost option of a hot desk membership. With a number of spaces now offering the choice of 24/7 working hours the time has never been better to try out a hot desking membership and change the way you work.

How big is this hot desking thing?

Small Business Labs, an organisation that monitors business trends around the world, suggests that the number of people that are looking to hot desk will grow globally from just under 1m in 2016 to nearly 4m in 2020. That’s a lot of hot desks in Peckham that are going to need filling.

According to research by user experience researchers Melissa Gregg and Thomas Lodato, co-working can be a positive choice for many freelancers. They argue that, in part, such workers are seeking “relief from the emotional demands of the corporate office” and are actively seeking out places that have a different approach to the staid old office structure not only in the atmosphere but also in the aesthetic of the space.