Desk Space Peckham

Are you looking for desk space PECKHAM is your #1 choice in South London.

Why everyone is typing ‘desk space Peckham’ into their preferred search engines? In the last few years the number of small to medium businesses relocating to Peckham has rocketed. Partly due to the completion of the long awaited East London line. Because of this, the booming East End was instantly connected to the waking giant south of the river. And all reachable within 15 minutes.

Another reason is that commercial property prices, relative to the other boroughs across the water, are a BARGAIN, and cannot be missed. Coupled with the abundance of Regency period buildings it’s no wonder the exodus south has well and truly begun; Movement of Jah people. Big up Bob!

More reasons to consider renting a desk in Peckham

With an abundance of green spaces in SE15. Whenever you fancy a break from your desk space, Peckham Rye / One Tree Hill / Ruskin Park / Brenchley Gardens to name but a few are all just a short walk away and perfect for a spot of al fresco lunch.

Another perk of having a desk space Peckham postcode is the number of gyms and leisure facilities that are in the area. Again, all within a short walk. They are perfect for getting rid of any extra calories gained from that al fresco lunch up One Tree Hill.

And lets not forget…

The Night Life! Ground control to Space desk Peckham… It’s time to disengage your brain. Please follow the safety guidelines when entering in the particle accelerator. Please be advised that prolonged exposure to any particles that are above 3.5% abv will result major fatigue and memory loss on Monday morning.

Please wipe your shoes on the way out and don’t tell a soul about what goes on inside the large vodka & red bull collider!