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Are you excited about the idea of exploring coworking desk space in Peckham but are hesitating because you have been told coworking is only for start-ups or that privacy is impossible in a coworking environment? Well, read ahead for four common myths about coworking solutions that are absolutely not true. Suitable for Start-ups…(Read More)

Why are businesses looking to join the coworking, hot-desking Peckham office space movement? Peckham was once synonymous with 3 wheeler cars, porkpie hats and bottled water of dubious origins. It was first mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1087. Once called ‘Pecheha’, which translates from AngloSaxon as ‘village among the hills’. The once genteel…(Read More)

Are you looking for desk space PECKHAM is your #1 choice in South London. Why everyone is typing ‘desk space Peckham’ into their preferred search engines? In the last few years the number of small to medium businesses relocating to Peckham has rocketed. Partly due to the completion of the long awaited East London line…(Read More)

RedDeskCo's focus is aimed at long term tenants who are interested in creating a secure and trusted office community in which to work and network with other like-minded professionals.

Asylum Road, Peckham

National Rail5 minute walk from Queens Road Peckham Station

Secure Onsite Bike Storage
Free Local Parking

Additional Features

Fully Alarmed


Manned Reception

Superfast WiFi

Colour Printing & Scanning

Lockable Desk Storage

Complimentary Tea & Coffee


We are constantly developing and improving our office space and aim to collaborate with our coworkers to provide the best possible environment, as such we welcome input from long term clients as to which features they would like to see added.

We Peckham

Over the past few years we’ve seen Peckham flourish. To say the area is up and coming is an understatement, it’s come up and it’s showing no sign of stopping. Quite simply it is one of the best places in London from which to run your business. Here are some of our favourite haunts all within walking distance of the office...


Prices start at £149 per month.