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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Finalising a Coworking Space Service

Switching to a coworking office space in Peckham is a major decision that can transform the way you run your business forever. Needless to say, this important business decision should be taken after careful consideration and analysis.

A coworking setup, if not done right, can lead to significant disruptions in your business. Hence, make sure you avoid these mistakes when finalising the coworking office space Peckham contract.

Inadequate Analysis

Every business decision must be taken after a detailed risk-reward analysis that focuses on the pros and cons of changing the status quo. This must be done for your coworking office move as well.

Adequate analysis involves finding answers to questions like-

- How is my business gaining by operating in a conventional office?
- Does the switch to coworking offer a positive cost-benefit outcome?
- Is there any permanent or unavoidable disadvantage to a coworking office space setup?

Coworking may seem like a great deal to the world as a whole but you should make the switch only if it is a good decision for your business.

Ignoring your Team

You may be perfectly comfortable with your existing office that’s located within walking distance of your residence. However, what about your team? Would they benefit if you were to check out coworking office space in Peckham?

You may find it impossible to setup a rental office in Peckham but opting for a co-working office may just fit into your budget. This single decision can make your business very popular among potential employees. Access to talented and enthusiastic employees can help you chart a more aggressive course towards faster growth and bigger profits.

Make sure you consider the positive as well as the negative feedback shared by your team. The move to co-working can be a big culture shock, which means you should be prepared to roll back or at least choose a slow and steady shift to the new office setup.

Underestimating Non-Financial Benefits

My employer encourages me to bike to work. It is a greener and healthier option and my employer offers free parking space along with the shower and change-room facilities to help me have an energetic and fresh start to my working day.

Other firms may find it impossible to get such praise even if they were to literally pay their employees to do so. Co-working can give a great boost to your image, which means ignoring the non-financial benefits of hiring coworking office space in Peckham can be a very big and expensive mistake.

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