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3 Coworking Myths That You Should Simply Ignore


Are you excited about the idea of exploring coworking desk space in Peckham but are hesitating because you have been told coworking is only for start-ups or that privacy is impossible in a coworking environment?

Well, read ahead for four common myths about coworking solutions that are absolutely not true.

Suitable for Start-ups Only

Start-ups may have been the most glamorous success stories of coworking spaces. However, that doesn’t mean coworking cannot work for other businesses. The truth is that the age of the venture is of no relevance at all.

Coworking spaces charge for the hours, days, or months that you and your team made use of the office space and the available facilities and amenities. It’s no different than hiring a cab or buying a train ticket.

You pay for the facility of sitting in the car or train and moving from one place to another. Would it not be absurd to say that renting a car or buying a train ticket works only for start-ups? Well, the same is true for desk space contracts as well.

Absolutely No Private Space

The modern office layout consists primarily of an open working space combined with a conference room for meetings and private offices for just a few senior employees.

Coworking desk spaces in Peckham simplify this structure and brings the entire team to the open working space. However, this does not mean there is absolutely no privacy in such a facility. Coworking simply combines the conference room and private offices and offer meeting rooms that allow you to carry out business discussions and meetings without any hassles.

Further, private under-desk storage and personal lockers ensure your decision to switch to a desk space Peckham service provider involves no loss of privacy.

Just Fancy Ambience and Posh Furnishings

Coworking spaces offering monthly contracts and hot desking passes are designed to provide a rich and posh feel and an enjoyable working experience to their clients. However, it’s completely wrong to say that coworking is all about fancy trimmings.

Desk space Peckham service providers offer all essential facilities and amenities required by a modern business to functional efficiently to attract more clients. The cost is spread over multiple businesses, which makes it a cost-effective option for the latter as well.

Simply ignore these myths to make sure you don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to boost productivity and maximise business profits with a desk space in Peckham deal.

RedDeskCo's focus is aimed at long term tenants who are interested in creating a secure and trusted office community in which to work and network with other like-minded professionals.

Asylum Road, Peckham

National Rail5 minute walk from Queens Road Peckham Station

Secure Onsite Bike Storage
Free Local Parking

Additional Features

Fully Alarmed


Manned Reception

Superfast WiFi

Colour Printing & Scanning

Lockable Desk Storage

Complimentary Tea & Coffee


We are constantly developing and improving our office space and aim to collaborate with our coworkers to provide the best possible environment, as such we welcome input from long term clients as to which features they would like to see added.

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